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In June 2020, Huawei launched the industry's first 5GtoB terminal certification standard (V1.0) in order to solve the compatibility problems of 5G terminals and 5G networks and improve the performance of end-network collaboration. Based on this standard, Huawei carried out extensive technical testing and certification with China's three major operators and major partners in the industry. As of July 2022, more than 70 terminals from more than 40 manufacturers have passed the test certification and obtained certification certificates, which are widely used in more than 3,000 5GtoB commercial projects in China, effectively realizing end-network collaboration in business deployment.

The 5GtoB terminal certification standard 2.0 released this time is based on the continuous evolution of 5G standards and technologies, and is formulated in combination with the actual deployment requirements of the live network services. The certification content of the new features of 3GPP Release 16 is added, and the certification content of business operation and maintenance is optimized. Based on this standard, Huawei has cooperated with OpenLab of 8 5GtoB industrial service platforms to provide professional development guidance, environment provision and certification and testing services for terminal module partners, and promoted certified terminals through Huawei Sanduo Cloud and other channels to reach national sales personnel and industrial projects.


In addition, during the conference, Huawei and Tianyi Internet of Things made it clear that Huawei terminal ecology and Tianyi Internet of Things terminal ecological certification results can be communicated, accelerating the listing and scale commercial use of certified terminals, and realizing ecological sharing, co-prosperity and co-drive. Up to now, Huawei and Tianyi Internet of Things have realized mutual recognition of 66 terminal achievements through 5G Openlab, and gradually put them on Tianyi Internet of Things terminal mall.

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