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  Huawei released 5Gto B terminal Certification


Company Profile



Typical Product



Silicone thermal conductive gel

The product provides superior performance and long term thermal stability over conventional thermal grease materials. This material is designed to be dispensed in applications requiring low compression forces and minimal thermal resistance for maximum thermal performance.




Reactive hot-melt adhesive

The adhesive is pressure sensitive and provides a high initial strength instantly after joining the parts. Additionally it has a long open time to be suitable for automatic or manual assembly line.



Conformal coating

UV light and moisture cure

It wets extremely well to all surfaces and applies without foaming to ensure a rugged, bubble-free cured product.

Michaels Technology Corporation was founded in Denver Colorado State USA, The professional chemistry scientists build R&D Laboratory focus on developing and research functional adhesives, sealants and coatings for electronics and other general industrial applications.

Kinds of specific formula of adhesives was developed and as core value of the adhesive brand.

Michaels adhesives qualified a worldwide OEMs manufacturing functions locate in America, Asia Pacific and Europe as well.  The company’s international supply chain offers total adhesive solution and a worldwide distribution network for marketing and technical services to local customers.

Michaels Adhesives established business company in China, Shenzhen Michaels Technology Co.,Ltd, to handle businesses with customers, to improve the efficiency of handling chemical materials, Shenzhen Michaels also established and qualified local OEMs supply chain in China since 2018.

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